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At Mindset, we enable people to master their mind. We believe that with the right tools, people can achieve substantial, tangible, enduring change in their lives.

We do through seamlessly integrated products that track and improve neural states. Our first product is a smart headphone that improves your concentration.



  • $1.4m in presales  |  $30k sales/month
  • Partnered with ONKYO 
  • Functional engineering prototype
  • Next36 & HAX alumni

Mindset lets you master your mind.

We’re starting by improving concentration.


The Story



Deep down, we all want to be successful – do great work, meet great people, and live a great life.

Often, however, adversity gets in the way – factors outside our control prevent us from achieving our dreams. It’s not fair - the world is not a meritocracy. Living up to your full potential can seem impossible.

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One of today's biggest problems is attention. Humans today have the shortest attention span in history. Smartphones, social media, and open concept offices are robbing us of our ability focus – we’re wasting more time, and getting less done.

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Attention is the new currency

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We're going to change that.

We believe that with the right tools, people can achieve substantial, tangible, enduring change in their lives. Using modern biosensing, we give people the means to track - and ultimately improve - their neural state. 

Our first product are smart headphones that improve your concentration at work, helping you be more productive. This will enable us to collect the largest labelled EEG database in the world, so we can improve our algorithms, move beyond headphones, and become the leader in consumer biosensing. 


Competitive Advantage

Mindset enables biosensing to scale.


US provisional patent - Sept 2016
PCT application - Sept 2017

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Mindset will be the leader in consumer biosensing


Business Plan


Market entry – B2C hardware

Collect data from users to refine AI models


TAM  -  $23.2B

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Longterm - market expansion

SaaS, licensing, and data monetization

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Jacob Flood
Founder & CEO

McGill mechanical engineer. Founder of JFlood.ca tutoring startup. Author of book on student productivity. LinkedIn


David Doyon
Founder & Product Lead

McGill mechanical engineer. Specialization in biomedical devices. Experience manufacturing surgical tools. LinkedIn


Warren Robinson
Founder & Software Lead

McGill electrical engineer. Specialization in AI. Experience in neural bioinformatics at Montreal Neurological Institute. LinkedIn



We're building a team of experts to bring Mindset to life. All of us are full-time.

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Sanj Takhar
Marketing Lead

Founder of GrooveTO. Marketing Experience at Microsoft & Cisco. LinkedIn

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Nelson Yao
Data Science Lead

Double masters in biostatistics and data science. Neuro-informatics experience. LinkedIn

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Christopher Faust
Electronics Lead

35 years experience in electronics. Executive at IEEE computational intelligence society. LinkedIn

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Adrien Martel
Neuroscience Lead

Neuroscience PhD: EEG for measuring attention and mind wandering. LinkedIn




Jason Sausto  -  President, Onkyo China

Jay Olsen - Researcher, Montreal Neurological Institute

Duncan Turner  -  Managing Director, HAX

Mahnaz Arvaneh - BCI researcher, University of Sheffield




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Market validation

  • $1.4m pre-sales in 2017
  • $30k sales/month

Functional prototype

  • 90% accuracy measuring cognitive engagement
  • 78% accuracy detecting mind wandering
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  • $750k seed round
  • Lead: Real Ventures & SOSV
  • 70% committed - closing in 3 weeks

12 month milestones:

  • Get to market - Fulfill 5,000 pre-ordered units
  • Demonstrate improvement - clinical study results
  • Increase sales - 200% revenue growth
  • Pilot B2B - paid pilots in MTL & TO

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