Frequently Asked Questions



+ How does Mindset improve my concentration?

We like to use an analogy to explain it: imagine practicing to shoot a basketball. Without any feedback, you’d be slow to improve – each shot would be no better than the last. With a coach correcting your technique, however, you would know exactly what to do, and you’d converge on the correct technique much more quickly. Soon you’d be scoring baskets every shot, without even thinking about it.

Mindset does the same thing with your focus. Every time you get distracted, Mindset lets you know through an auditory cue, bringing your attention back to task. Each reminder is like the coach's feedback - your brain learns to recognize it’s own distractions, and tune them out. Eventually, you won't even need the headphones - your brain will have rewired itself to naturally tune out distractions, leading to deeper, more productive focus.

+ What is neurofeedback?

Neurofeedback, also called biofeedback, is a process where you monitor electrical brain activity and report back findings. The most important part of neurofeedback is that it's a way to directly train your brain so it can function more efficiently. This is what Mindset accomplishes. Mindset coaches your mind into a state of deep focus by letting you know whenever you get distracted. Over time your brain learns to achieve a deeper, more sustained focus.

+ Does Mindset work for ADHD?

Mindset is not a certified medical device. That being said, EEG neurofeedback has been found to be very effective in treating ADHD in several well-regarded studies. Check out the research.

+ Does Mindset send electricity into my brain?

Nope! Mindset’s EEG sensors are completely innocuous – we don’t send any signals into your brain. We simply measure the electrical signature produced by your brain, and detect the patterns that indicate whether your mind is focused or distracted.

+ What brain waves is Mindset reading?

Mindset reads the pattern of electrical activity that the cortical neurons on the surface of your brain make when they fire. This includes alpha, theta, delta waves.


+ Can I listen to music with Mindset?

Yes! The audio is powered by Onkyo, so you can be sure that your music will sound awesome. They also support both wireless and wired audio, and have active noise cancellation, for the perfect listening experience.

+ How long do the batteries last on Mindset?

The battery lasts about 8 hours with continuous use and every longer when used intermittently.

+ Is Bluetooth safe?

Bluetooth is a well-established, very low power wireless technology. Our headsets are SAR tested to ensure we keep your brain safe.

+ Can I use Mindset with a wire?

Yes! Using Mindset wirelessly provides the best experience – we highly recommend it. However, feel free at any time to plug in the included 3.5mm AUX cable to keep the jams going.

+ Will Mindset work over a hat/ scarf/ hood?

Sadly, the electrodes need to maintain contact with your head to read a quality signal. While the audio will still work over fabric, the concentration-sensing will not.

+ I have a big head or ears / I’m bald or have thick hair! Will Mindset work?

Our headphones have been designed to fit 99% of head, ear and hair lengths. It’s very unlikely that they won’t fit/ work with you.

Shipping and Payment

+ When will my pre-order ship?

Our goal is to finish our mass-produced DV batch in December, after which we can start shipping subsequent batches - our best estimate is that pre-orders will start to ship in early 2019. The best way to stay tuned to our most up-to-date shipping details is through our blog!

+ What currency is Mindset in?

All prices are in USD. If you use a non-USD bank account the price will be converted by your bank.

+ Do you accept refunds or returns?

Unfortunately we cannot accept refunds of pre-order commitments, or returns of the shipped products. We will, however, repair or replace a defective unit at no cost. Thanks for your understanding.

+ Are taxes, VAT and duties included in the price?

Taxes, VAT and/or duties are not included in the prices and may be added in accordance with your local regulations.

+ What is your warranty policy?

Mindset headphones' warranty will be confirmed when the product is launched. However, we will have least a limited one year warranty.

+ What is the company's address?

5445 Avenue de Gaspé, Suite 323, Montreal, Quebec, Canada, H2T 3B2