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Team Mindset

We're a team of driven entrepreneurs who are incredibly passionate about technology, performance, and well-being. We've seen the transformative power of EEG, and we live for the day when it’s accessible to everyone.

Our combined experience spans biomedical devices, neuroscience research, and artificial intelligence. Along with our team of advisors, partners and you, we're more excited than ever to make Mindset a reality.



Jacob Flood
Founder & CEO


David Doyon
Founder & Product Lead


Xavier Saint-Mleux
Data science Lead



Supported by



       Jason Sausto  -  President, Onkyo China

       Laurent D. Ziri  -  Founder, Virtual C-Suite

       Jeffery Potvin  -  CEO, Hardboot

       Duncan Turner  -  Managing Director, HAX



Dr. Mahnaz Arvaneh  -  BCI researcher, University of Sheffield

Dr. Tony Passaro  -  Neuroscientist, US Army Research Institute

Jay Olsen  -  Researcher, Montreal Neurological Institute